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New York State Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Advisory Council Report 2023

New York State Report

This report summarizes the activities of the New York State Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Advisory Council, as well as details the Council’s key recommendations to prevent maternal mortality, morbidity, and related disparities. These recommendations are designed to improve the experience of care and outcomes for birthing people across New York State. A specific emphasis is placed on recommendations that address racial and ethnic disparities in maternal health outcomes. It is important to note that in the Findings Section of the report, the term ‘women’ is used, whereas in other sections of the report, the term ‘birthing people’ is used. The findings were based on review of pregnancy-associated deaths in 2018, and this cohort was restricted to individuals identified as female on the death certificate and/or hospital discharge records. The Department is committed to gender-inclusivity, and therefore, the term ‘birthing people’ is used throughout the rest of the report, where appropriate.

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