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STSI Raises Funds with Double Good to Support STEM/STEAM Efforts in Westchester

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

STSI Hosts a 4 day only fundraising effort to support STEM/STEAM efforts for young girls of color in Westchester.

Fundraising Drive Starts Sunday, February 26 at 12noon and ends on Thursday, March 2, 2023 at 12noon

Double Good is fundraising company that offers a platform for organizations to sell popcorn and keep 50% of all profits. Double Good offers different flavors of single bag popcorn including, Butter Believe It, Carmel-DIEM, In Queso Fire, White Cheddar Go Getter and more!

STSI's long standing success in Westchester is mainly due to it's supporters, sponsors, members, and community partners.

If you would like to participate you may help sell popcorn or make a donation during these 4 days.

As always, thank you for supporting STSI once again!


Sister to Sister International, Inc. (STSI) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that links women, girls and families of African descent globally, to the resources that connect, advance and strengthen them.

We do this through advocacy, education and the promotion of African culture.

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